About Nuna Law Firm


Nuna Law Firm is a Greenlandic limited liability partnership with an integrated cooperation with Horten Advokatpartnerselskab  – one of Denmark’s largest, most well-renowned and internationally focused law firms.

Nuna Law employs 11 people of whom 6 are lawyers.

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Our Mission

At Nuna Law Firm we strive to be recognized as the serious, engaged and close advisor for businesses, municipal and governmental authorities as well as private individuals with a need for competent legal assistance within Greenlandic and/or Danish legislation.

We insist on making a difference - not just in regard to the results we achieve for our clients, but also in the way we treat our clients and handle their cases. So to us there is only one way to handle a case ... the right way.


Nuna Law Firm has accepted the Code of Conduct for lawyers (AdvokatKODEKS)

The Code of Conduct for lawyers (AdvokatKODEKS) is a voluntary scheme under the Association of Danish Law Firms (Danske Advokater). The scheme implies that Nuna Law Firm is working loyally and proactively with the five principles:

  • Openness and transparency 
  • Visible social responsibility
  • Handling of ethical dilemmas 
  • Modern management focusing on clients and staff
  • Diversity as a strength

Here you can see how Nuna Law Firm is working with the five principles. 

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